antique shop.

the haunted antique shop is the only place i feel at home - so dusty, so decrepit, and full of pretty things... oh and porcelain cats - can't forget about those porcelain cats.


cos you're my beatnik boy, you make me jump with joy.

(american apparel beret, skirt and tights, thrifted turtleneck sweater)

going to a coffeeshop dressed like a beatnik almost feels a little too post-ironic. like at any given moment, i could start tapping on a couple of bongo drums, talking about jack kerouac, and reading off my tweets as if they were modern beat poetry... oh god.


i'm a burning candle, you're a gentle moth.

(thrifted sweater, american apparel skirt, romwe platforms)

while rummaging through the massive collection of moth-eaten garments at my local thrift store, i happened upon this sweater. it reminded me of something rivers cuomo (weezer frontman) would have worn in the mid-1990s when he was all cute and mopey...


photo diary.

dreary days or whatever.


taking toffee with your vicodin, something sweet to forget about him.

(vintage dress, random hat and socks, topshop mary-janes)

autumn classes have started up again, which means i'll be spending the majority of my time treking across campus in impractical shoes and crying studying at the library. but there is something undeniably romantic about the endless rows of dusty books - each one filled with the stains of a former student's blood and tears... the sweet smell of desolation...


crush the flowers.

(vintage dress and necklace, american apparel beret, faux suede heels)

sometimes i forget what it means to dress in a way that's 'seasonally appropriate.' is wearing a tulip print dress in september still considered okay or whatever?


if you want to know, i'm a don't care bear.

(the vaselines t-shirt, american apparel skirt)

the way of the vaselines is one of my favorite albums of all time, so i scoured down this shirt on ebay. (it's important to represent one's indiepop kid status.) nirvana even covered quite a few of their songs. *a cool tip for awkward social gatherings: start talking about kurt cobain's adoration for twee pop and see if anyone's brain explodes.* trust me, it's fun.