i wanted a lifetime, not just to fall in your arms.

(american apparel turtleneck, thrifted skirt and bag)

the weather here has been dreary as fuck. so i'm revisiting one of my favorite autumn outfits: a turtleneck with a plaid skirt and my signature pouty dough face. i was gonna say that this is a little "'60s inspired," but then i was like 'ew, god no' because romanticizing eras is just lazy and embarrassing. 


april showers, meet me here this time next year.

there are some major 'twee librarian' vibes going on here (y/n). it's nice to wear a dress like this because i've been in a serious 'fashion rut' or whatever... wearing the exact same outfit (see previous post) or an xxl cat sweatshirt with drool stains on the sleeve. since it's the beginning of a new month, i'm trying to 'step up my game' (i.e., do a little bit more than roll out of bed and put on whatever seems somewhat clean). well... okay... i just used the terms 'fashion rut' and 'step up my game' without the faintest hint of irony. so i think this blog post needs to end immediately. 


i held my breath, you held my interest, mysterious marks around my chest.

(thrifted top, american apparel petticoat, drugstore stockings) 

things that have been frustrating me:
  • weak personal brands
  • strong personal brands
  • my personal brand
  • personal brands
  • the fact that i just googled 'ryan ross panic at the disco still cute?'

anyway, i have nothing interesting to say (what else is new) about this outfit since this is basically my standard day-to-day uniform. but i hereby promise to stop deleting all of my posts - i'm trash, i know. thank you for sticking with me.

♫ curtains by parenthetical girls ♫


your skin was bathed in amber light and rain streaks.

my friend recently described my aesthetic as pastoral. and i was like, 'oh cool, like, herding sheep and stuff?' but apparently, he meant that it was 'pleasingly peaceful and innocent,' which was kind of a letdown to be honest.


my bloody valentine.

one time a boy gave me dead flowers for valentine's day. he said they were supposed to be 'symbolic.' and then i threw up in my mouth. 
my bloody valentine > valentine's day, anyway. listen to their new album here. 


some fall in love, i shatter.

i am disposable. so is my camera. that was a good joke.